Naturefriends Climate Fund – My contribution to climate justice

In numerous regions all around the world, climate change has a dramatic impact on ecosystems and, thus, on people’s lives. Countries of the Global South are hit especially hard – although their inhabitants contribute only marginally to world-wide greenhouse-gas emissions.

Emissions caused by aviation are an important contributor to climate change, even though only a small fraction of the world’s population actively participates in air travels.

The Naturefriends Climate Fund is an opportunity created by Naturefriends International with the objective of allowing people to personally contribute to more climate justice – as compensation for journeys made by plane or car, or as solidarity contribution for those who are most affected by the impact of climate change.

100 percent of the donations goes to Naturefriends projects in Africa which alleviate the impact of climate change and/or contribute to protection of the climate. Examples for such projects include planting fruit trees, establishing energy-efficient cook tops or supporting measures for regional agriculture.

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